Voting & Elections

2018 Elections

  1. Annual Town Meeting Day - Tuesday, March 6, 2018
  2. State Primary Election - Tuesday, August 14, 2018
  3. General Election - Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2018 General Election

2018 General Election Warning (pdf) - This document lists the offices to be voted upon, hours of the election, the Vermont notice to voters including voter rights and instructions for the voting process.

Voter's Guide for People with Disabilities (pdf) - This document not only contains information for people with disabilities, but also helpful information including "Things to Remember" on election day, a list of "It Is Illegal To:", the structure of our government and detailed information about the candidates.

2018 General Election Sample Ballot - Chittenden 10 District

2018 General Election Sample Ballot - Grand Isle District

Absentee ballots are now available at the town clerk's office.  Stop by, or call 893-4111, for an Absentee Ballot Request Form (PDF).

Primary Election Results (8/14/18)

For complete Primary Election results, please visit the VT Secretary of State website.

Milton Chittenden 10 District
Grand Isle Chittenden District
Democratic ballot resultsDemocratic ballot results
Republican ballot resultsRepublican ballot results

Voting Districts

There are two voting districts in Milton - Milton Chittenden 10 and Grand Isle Chittenden. The voting districts are important in state elections as they determine legislative representation.


Milton Chittenden 10 District (PDF)

Grand Isle Chittenden District (PDF)

Find Your Legislator

Helpful Links

Absentee Ballot Request Form (PDF)

Register to Vote: Online Voter Registration

Maintain/Update Voter Information:My Voter Page

VT Secretary of State - Election Information:SOS

What will we be voting on?

Town Meeting Day (each year)

On the first Tuesday of every March, Vermont towns hold an election (or meeting) to:

  • Elect local officials
  • Approve town and school budgets for the upcoming year, and
  • Vote on any other town-related issues to be brought before the voters

State Primary & General Elections (every 2 years)

  • Vermont legislative seats (senators & representatives)
  • VT governors and statewide officials (including justices of the peace)
  • U.S. senators and representatives

U.S. Presidential Primary & General Elections (every 4 years)

The same items are voted on as in the state elections every two years, but in addition:

  • President and Vice-President