Water/Sewer Bills

Billing Information

The April water/sewer bills, for the billing period of January - March, were mailed out on April 1st. Payment is due by Monday, May 3rd.

Payment Options

Water/Sewer bills are mailed quarterly, in early January, April, July, October, and are due 30 days thereafter. Penalties of 10% are applied to water and 8% to sewer after the due date.

Rates (effective July 1, 2020)

Water Usage Rate = Base $39.95/unit/quarter + Usage $4.19/1000 gallons

Sewer Usage Rate = Base $49.17/unit/quarter + Usage $5.34/1000 gallons

Non-Metered Water = $104.75 flat rate

Non-Metered Sewer = $134.61 flat rate

(Usage, as printed on each bill, is in 1000’s of gallons. For example, a usage of "9" means 9,000 gallons were used. In this example, to calculate your water rate, you would multiply the usage fee $4.19 by 9 ($37.71) and add the base rate of $39.95/unit for a water total of $77.66. Use this same formula to calculate your sewer rate.)