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October 2018 Business of the Month

Don’t Stop Me Now!

The Town of Milton’s October business of the month goes to Rowley Fuels, Inc. Located at 789 Route 7 South in Milton, Rowley Fuels Inc. has started local and remains local while they function as an integral part of the Milton community. With seventeen employees, nine of which are from Milton, this third-generation, family owned business is no stranger to the Town and its citizens.

Rowley Fuels Inc. started back in 1980 and has since developed and improved their services for their customers in many ways. Scott Allard, President of Rowley Fuels Inc., started working for the company in 1988 and has seen significant growth and changes. “It started as just a single truck with no service department that was operated out of the owner’s house,” Allard said. Since then, Allard noted that the company has since developed a lot of new services including a new office in Milton and a propane business, to name a couple. When asked about future plans to expand even further, Allard said that there are plans in the works but they are still in negotiations and details cannot yet be shared to the public.

The company is always changing, both inside and out. The sign and logo for the company has changed three times since the start. The newest logo can be seen on the company’s website at or on a sign at the front of their building. “You can see blue and yellow, Milton’s Town colors, and a form of a shield which serves as our promise to remain as your local fuel dealer. We’re here for the long haul,” Allard said.

For a final note, Allard spoke about different working conditions regarding the weather. As many Vermonters are aware, winter is fast approaching. Rowley Fuels, Inc. provides energy products and services including #2 fuel oil, kerosene, propane, gasoline, and diesel. “I would like to thank the people that take the time to do the task of shoveling. It is very helpful to us,” Allard said. For any of your fuel or heating needs, contact Rowley Fuels, Inc. for more information by dialing 802-893-7952 or stop by and say hello to the friendly office dog, Max!

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