Health Officer

By law, every town and city in Vermont has a local board of health. The local board of health consists of the town health officer and town select board (or city council). The duties and responsibilities of Vermont boards of health are established by State Statute.

Town health officers are responsible for investigating possible public health hazards and risks within the town or city, taking action to prevent, remove, or destroy any public health hazards, taking action to lessen significant public health risks, and enforcing health laws, rules and permit conditions, and taking the steps necessary to enforce orders.

Spotlight on Health

The Vermont Department of Health has compiled great information and resources for what to you during and after a flood, which includes health and safety information about returning to a home or business and cleaning up flooded homes. The link below contains that information and will be updated regularly with new information!

Reporting Public Health Hazards and Rental Housing Code Violations

If you wish to be anonymous, do not include your name or any contact information. If you include your name or any contact information it will become a part of the public record. Please be aware that complaints – including complainant identification - are public records and thus can be obtained by any member of the public.

Please complete a Health Officer Complaint & Inspection Form (PDF) for the Health Officer to start an investigation. You can email the form to Amanda Pitts or use the form as a guide to report a potential violation when calling 802-893-6655 option 4.

Vermont Rental Housing Code

The Health Officer enforces the Vermont Rental Housing Code (PDF). A great tool for landlords and tenants is to use the Rental Housing Inspection Report (PDF) to ensure your rental unit is in compliance with this code.

Additional Resources for Rental Housing

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