Water & Wastewater

Champlain Water District - Income Survey

The Champlain Water District (CWD), which provides wholesale water to your community, is conducting an income survey of your community’s water customers. The demographics of each water system varies significantly. Many water systems only serve a portion of a municipality, and CWD believes that census data may not be representative of the population of water customers served by CWD and the water systems. Our goal is to bring this data forward to the Vermont Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) Program to incentivize reduced loan rates and principal forgiveness for future water system investments.

This is our second attempt at collecting income survey responses. The first outreach effort did not result in enough responses to validate the data. A sample of water customers will receive a survey in the mail notifying them of the survey. The survey can be completed online using the web link or by scanning the QR-code with a smartphone camera. We encourage participants to complete the survey online, but participants may also elect to complete the printed form and mail it back to CWD in the provided postage-paid envelope. Each survey will have a unique ID code. CWD does ask that recipients complete the survey within two weeks of receipt.

Responses are completely confidential and will be associated only with the ID code and community, not with an individual’s name or address. No individual income data will ever be published, just the average income for all the households in each water system.

We understand that being asked about your income is intrusive. We assure you that your answers are completely confidential and will only be used to calculate an average of income in your community.

As a reward for participating in the survey, you will be eligible for one of five $50 gift cards and a new grand prize $200 gift card.

If you have any questions, please contact the Champlain Water District 802-964-7454

Water & Wastewater Bills

Contact the Town Clerk & Treasurer office with questions regarding Water & Wastewater Bills.


The Water Division operates and maintains a Water System consisting of approximately 30 miles of water mains, 300 valves, 210 fire hydrants, pumping stations, and reservoirs. The system serves approximately 1,600 connections, or about 6,400 people. A continuous supply of the highest quality water available is purchased from the Champlain Water District (CWD). Consumer Confidence Reports are published each year, and are available at the Milton Town Offices or from Champlain Water District.


The Wastewater Division operates and maintains about 12 miles of collection mains, pump stations and the Wastewater Treatment Facility. The system serves approximately 600 connections, or about 2,400 people.


We operate and maintain the water meter system, including reading, repair, and billing services. We strive to repair malfunctioning meters as soon as possible. Customers are urged to schedule repair appointments as soon as they receive notification of a problem. Water and Wastewater bills are issued quarterly, in January, April, July and October.

After Hours

We can be dispatched after hours by calling the Milton Police Dispatch at 802-893-2424. Please do not call 911 for water and wastewater emergencies. We look forward to continue to provide our ratepayers the best service possible. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 802-893-6655 Option 3.

How to Identify & Read Your Water Meter 

The video provided in the link below has been created as an informational tool to assist Milton residents in both identifying and reading the water meter(s) located at their property. 

How to Identify and Read Your Water Meter (Video)

Public Notice: As of October 24, 2022, the Town of Milton Selectboard approved a rate increase across the board for septage rates. Please see Septage Fee Resolution (PDF) for more details. 

Flanders Development Meeting Presentation

On January 22, 2024 the Town of Milton Department of Public Works hosted a public forum for residents of the Flanders Development to provide information on the water & wastewater project timeline and process. 

As an update the Champlain Water District sampled water in the Flanders neighborhood in May of 2021. It did not reveal any sign of asbestos. The Champlain Water District may be sampling again this year per EPA standards. 

Please feel free to reach out to the Water & Wastewater Department if you have any additional questions or concerns.