Elections & Voting

2024 Election(s)

Town Meeting Day and Presidential Primary

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

See below for more detailed information.

If you decide to vote in the Presidential Primary, you must choose either the Democratic or Republican ballot.

Statewide Political Primary

Tuesday, August 13, 2024

Different than the national Presidential Primary (in March), if you decide to vote in Vermont's Statewide Political Primary (in August) you will receive all three party ballots, vote on only one and then return all three (one voted and two unused).

State and Presidential General Election

Tuesday, November 5, 2024

2024 Annual Town Meeting - Tuesday, March 5

On Town Meeting Day, polls will be open 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the Milton Municipal Building for legal voters of the Town of Milton to vote on the articles of business outlined in the 2024 Town Meeting Warnings from the Town and the School (links to download warnings below, under "Information Resources").

Annual Town Meeting is a local election.  For local elections, absentee ballots will only be mailed to voters upon request.  (Ballots are automatically mailed to all voters for State General Elections only.) 

Early/absentee/mail-in ballots will be mailed upon request, and they are currently available in the Town Clerk's office. Voters can request ballots as early as January 1st each year in a few different ways:

Information Resources

Public Notices and Warnings

Sample Ballots

Annual Report

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2023 (PDF) - Printed versions are available at the Municipal Building, School Offices, Frey Deli, Raj Liquor & Beverage, Rene's Discount Beverage and Uncle Ronnie's Deli.

Town's Proposed Budget and Financials

School's Proposed FY25 Budget 

Visit the MTSD website for FY25 Budget Information - Contains proposed budget, MTSD Audit Report, and answers to frequently asked questions

Public Informational Meetings

Informational meetings will be held at the following locations, dates and times:

Town and School Budgets: 

Champlain Water District:
Champlain Water District will have an article on the March ballot: CWD Pre-Bond Vote Press Release Nov 2023 (PDF). Informational meetings will be held as follows:

  • Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 7 p.m. at Lincoln Hall, Essex Junction 
  • Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 7 p.m. at the CWD Facility, South Burlington

Election Results

Link to historical Election Results

Helpful Links


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What will we be voting on?

Town Meeting Day (each year)

On the first Tuesday of every March, Vermont towns hold an election (or meeting) to:

  • Elect local officials
  • Approve town and school budgets for the upcoming year, and
  • Vote on any other town-related issues to be brought before the voters

State Primaries & General Elections (every 2 years)

State Primaries are held in August and General Elections are held in November of even numbered years, to vote on:

  • Vermont legislative seats (Senators & Representatives)
  • VT Governors and statewide officials (including Justices of the Peace)
  • U.S. Senators and Representatives

U.S. Presidential Primary & General Elections (every 4 years)

The Presidential Primaries are held in March and the General Elections are held in November.  The same items are voted on as in the state elections every two years, but in addition:

  • U.S. President and Vice-President

Voting Districts - State Elections Only

Effective April 2022, Milton was divided into three voting districts (House Districts) - "Grand Isle Chittenden", "Chittenden-Franklin" and "Chittenden-25".  The voting districts are essential in State elections as they determine legislative representation. Click on the map links below to helps determine which district you belong to.

These districts are only used for State elections - we do not use separate districts for local elections (Annual Town Meeting).  On Town Meeting Day, all voters will be directed into the Community Room.


What district are you in?  This interactive map allows you to search for a specific address and will place a pin on the map and tell you what district that address is in.  You can also click on a given parcel on the map, and it will display the address and the district.

Grand Isle Chittenden "GI-CHI" District (PDF) - votes in the Library Room

Chittenden-Franklin "CHI-FRA" (PDF) - votes in the Community Room

Chittenden-25 "CHI-25" (PDF) - votes in the Library Room

Political Campaign Signs

  • You must obtain permission from a property owner before you place any signs on private property.
  • Political campaign signs are not allowed on Town property except in the green strip between the municipal parking lot and Bombardier Road on Election Day.  (As early as the close of business day the night before.)
  • Signs must be removed immediately after the election.
  • Signs posted within the public right of way (30 feet from the center of a road) are subject to be removed by the Town or VTRANS (Route 7).  Signs posted 10-15 feet from the sidewalk are usually a safe distance from the right of way.

More detailed sign guidance can be found at the Secretary of State's website.