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Posted on: April 4, 2023

Now Enrolling Utility Users with Direct Debit/ACH Payment Option

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The Town of Milton is now offering utility users enrollment in our Direct Debit/ACH payment option to begin with the July utility bill. 

Enrollment authorization forms have been sent with your April utility bill, or you can download a fillable PDF here. Forms must be submitted as directed no later than June 10th to be included in the July utility billing cycle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: April Utility bills will need to be paid as usual, the Direct Debit Payment option will begin for the July billing cycle.

How do I enroll?

Fill out the Direct Debit Authorization form (PDF) and return it to the Assistant Treasurer at the Milton Town Offices in one of the following ways. Be sure to include a voided check or copy of a check with your enrollment form.   

  1. Mail to P.O. Box 18, Milton, VT 05468
  2. Place it the drop box at the Milton Municipal Building; or 
  3. Hand-deliver it to the Clerk & Treasurer’s office. 
  4. Please DO NOT return this completed form by email, as it contains sensitive information. 

Utility bills are sent during the first week of January, April, July, and October. Enrollment requests must be received at least 15 days prior to the 1st of these months to be included in the direct debit payment for that billing cycle. Therefore, the deadlines for enrollment are as follows: 

  • For the July bill, enroll by June 10
  • For the October bill, enroll by September 16
  • For the January bill, enroll by November 16
  • For the April bill, enroll by March 17

How will I receive my bill?

Utility bills will continue to be mailed to the owner on record, however you may opt in to an emailed copy as well. This is a great option for tenants to receive their bill faster, as the paper bill will continue to be mailed to the owner on record.

When will the Town debit my account?

The amount owed on the utility bill will be drawn directly from the account provided on the due date stated on the bill.

Is there a fee?

There is no additional fee for this payment option. The amount owed on your Utility Bill will be debited on the due date.

What happens if my bank account doesn't have enough funds?

An email reminder notifying participants of the upcoming withdrawal will be sent 10 days prior to the withdrawal date. If the account does not have sufficient funds, or is otherwise unsuccessful in completing the utility direct debit payment, the utility account becomes delinquent, is subject to penalty (10% for water, 8% for sewer), and will be charged a returned payment fee. The account must be brought back into good standing with no delinquency in order to participate in the direct debit the following billing cycle.

If the account remains unpaid, there is risk of entering the shut off process. As always, if you anticipate being unable to pay your utility bill, please contact the Town Treasurer at (802) 893-4111 before the due date.

What if I need to update my banking information? 

Fill out the Direct Debit Account Update Request form (available upon request from the Town Clerk & Treasurer's office) and submit via mail, drop box, or hand deliver to the Clerk & Treasurer’s Office at least 15 days prior to the due date. Any new account will require a new pre-note.

What if I want to opt out of direct debit? 

Fill out the Direct Debit Termination Request form (available upon request from the Town Clerk & Treasurer's office) and submit via mail, drop box, or hand deliver to the Clerk & Treasurer’s Office at least 15 days prior to the due date.  

How is my information stored? Is it secure?

Paper forms and the voided check are housed in the vault until entered into our encrypted software, scanned into an encrypted system, and then paper copies are destroyed via SecureShred. 

What happens if I move or sell the property where I am enrolled in direct debit?

We request that you fill out and submit the Termination Request form (available upon request from the Town Clerk & Treasurer's office). If the property is sold, the Assistant Treasurer will remove any existing financial information from the utility account at the time the Clerk’s office is notified of ownership transfer via PTTR documentation.

What happens if I am a tenant and don't notify the Town that I have moved and my previous residence gets paid by my bank account?

The Town is not responsible for utility accounts paid by direct debit if a tenant does not notify the Town to remove financial information prior to the payment processing. It is tenant responsibility to notify the Town of a change of residence.

Can’t find the information you need? 

Call the Clerk & Treasurer’s office at (802) 893-4111

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