Development Review

Development review is a core function of local government regulating land use. As Milton grows and changes, the Development Review Board (DRB) conducts hearings on development applications to apply the Town’s land use regulations and plans. While the Zoning Administrator can review and approve permits for many projects without development review, some applications - due to their complexity and community impact - must undergo review by the DRB prior to being eligible for a permit. Subdivision of land is always subject to development review.


The DRB is a quasi-judicial body that operates similar to a court of law. The DRB holds fair hearings by making impartial decisions and conducting proceedings that are free from conflicts of interest, reasonably efficient, and invite orderly public participation.

Unlike other Town boards and commissions, DRB meetings are open to the public, but they are not for the public. Participation at a hearing is limited to those affected by the proposal. The applicant must testify to the proposal, and “interested persons” (as defined by 24 VSA 117§4465(b)) can also testify. Those testifying take an oath to tell the truth and the DRB sits in judgment of the application.


Based on the merits of the information presented, the DRB:

  • Reviews testimony and evidence to determine facts and findings
  • Interprets and applies regulations to draw conclusions
  • Renders a decision

In addition to development applications, DRB also hears appeals of Zoning Administrator decisions.

Public Meetings

The DRB meetings are open to the public, and are video- and audio-recorded. You can view videos on LCATV’s website. The agendas, minutes and meeting materials of the DRB can be viewed on the Town’s website.